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Aeware in.xe, and in.xm2 spa control systems can be operated on your Android phone or tablet from within range of the spa/house wi-fi network, or from anywhere in the world. 
You can download:

in.touch Home App from either the App Store or Google Play (free), or
in.touch World App from either the App Store or Google Play (approx. $5.00) 

Mobile access via the in.touch application allows full spa functionality for pumps, blower, light, as well as temperature and filtration adjustment.
But it doesn't end there - you can also set economy cycles including settings such as 'Weekender mode' that only heats the spa on weekends, yet allows you to remotely access and change the temperature mid week from work if you want a spa other than the weekend. Not only does this function enable the most energy efficient running of the spa, but also maintains maximum convenience of a hot spa when you want it!
This Weekender mode is not available on the touchpad.

Mobile access via in.touch is perfect for commercial and holiday home installations enabling remote monitoring and adjustments as required. 

Android setup requires setup either via PC wifi access, or after Apple device setup with in.touch World.


Aeware Spa Control System Complete with in.k500 touchpad & 3.0kw heater & in.touch module

SKU: aewarebdlye5k500ceintouch

REMOTE ACCESS WITH iPHONE, iPOD, iPAD via wi-fi for full spa control from anywhere Full Colour in.k500 touchpad Universal spa control system in.touch module* - this module generates its own wi-fi network ...

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Arlec Grid Connect WiFi Smart Spa Mobile Phone Control Weatherproof Plug In Socket with Energy Meter

SKU: gr-connect-spa

Use your mobile phone as a hand held remote control via a dedicated App You can control the Grid Connect outlet from right next to the spa, or from the other side of the world! Arlec Grid Connect WiFi M40 ...


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Balboa BWA WiFi Module

SKU: b50350

NEWER BALBOA SYSTEM UPGRADE FOR YOUR SPA TO THE NEWEST TECHNOLOGY Balboa Water Group BWA WiFi module for smart phone control of your newer Balboa electronics fitted spa. This module supports iPhone, iPad, i...

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Balboa CMS "Control My Spa" Gateway Ultra WiFi Module

SKU: b59304

Upgrade for your Balboa BP control system fitted spa Balboa Water Group CMS WiFi modules for smart phone control of your Balboa BP series electronics fitted spa. This module supports iPhone, iPad, iPod or A...

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Gecko Aeware in.touch2 - wifi smartphone spa control

SKU: aeware0608-521031

Gecko Aeware in.touch2 wifi RF modules REMOTE ACCESS WITH Android, iPHONE, iPOD, iPAD via wi-fi for full spa control from anywhere - MORE functions than any touchpad! Can only be used with Gecko Aeware spa p...

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