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We recommend and sell:
Aquachek trutest electronic test strip readers, and
Test strips for Bromine or Chlorine systems

The results can be recorded manually into the Aquachek Smart App.

Aquachek Smart mobile phone pool and spa testing app 

Aquachek Smart App for both Android and IOS operating systems, enables you to more easily record your chemical levels and advise on corrective action based on your results.
We recommend this app to everyone regardless of whether they own a spa or swimming pool, and regardless of the sanitising system being used.


Currently the app supports 12 different test strips from the Aquachek range:

Aquachek TruTest
Aquachek TruTest Spa
Aquachek ShockChek
Aquachek Blue - Biguanide 3-in-1
Aquachek Peroxide 3-in-i 
Aquachek Red - Bromine 4-in-1 
Aquachek Select Kit 7-in-1 
Aquachek Copper 3-in-1 
Aquachek Spa 6-in-1 
Aquachek MPS - Monopersulphate 3-in-1 
Aquachek Yellow - Chlorine 4-in-1 
Aquachek Salt System

You can still use this App even if you use an alternate brand of test strips or test kit - simply add the data manually.

Android Aquachek Smart App - see more detail here

Apple Aquachek Smart App - see more detail here