International Customers

 We frequently supply parts around the world and happily ship anything, anywhere!

UK & EU Customers - note that our carrier will contact you for payment of VAT/charges prior to delivery.
This also aplies to most other countries but dollar value thresholds vary. It is your responsibility to understand your countries importation charges. These are not covered by freight costs in the shopping cart. Australian GST is not applied to shipments overseas.

Time zone - we are located in Brisbane, Queensland, on the eastern side of Australia. Our time zone is GMT + 10 hours. You will need to take this time difference, (compared with your own countries time zone) into consideration, when telephoning, emailing, or otherwise contacting us, should you require a rapid reply or response.

Currency - All pricing shown is in Australian Dollars. To calculate cost in your currency, please use our live currency converter. Please note that all transactions are available in Australian Dollars only. The currency converter does not take into account your banks additional fees and charges relating to international transactions. All payments made via Electronic Transfer must have an additional $20.00 AUD added to the invoice value to cover bank charges we incur at this end. An underpayment will result in non-shipment of your order until paid in full. We recommend payment via credit card to avoid this additional expense. With regards to credit card payments - we reserve the right to refuse payment via this method for security reasons. We will not accept credit card payment for any order from Nigeria, Middle East, Philippines, and many other high risk countries.

Customs import charges - most countries authorities monitor goods that are being imported and may assess customs charges, duty or tax on any items that you are importing. Any such charge is completely outside Australian Spa Parts control and is additional to the freight and purchase charges that we apply. Please ensure you are familiar with your countries importation regulations and charges. Australian Goods & Services Tax (GST - currentyl 10%) is removed from all international sales. From overseas you will be viewing / ordering at pricing excluding Australian GST.
Sorry but we will not operate outside the law and mark shipments as 'gifts' or understate financial value in order for you to avoid any potential local import charges so please don't ask. 

Electrical ratings - Generally the electrical products listed are designed for use on 220-240v, 50Hz electrical supply used in areas of Europe, Asia, New Zealand, Australia, and other regions. Many products can also be used with a 220-240v, 60Hz electrical supply if this is stated in the product description. Electric motors are generally frequency specific, except air blower motors, and a couple of circulation pumps listed as suitable for 50/60Hz. We also have a couple of timeclocks suitable for 50/60Hz. Many circuit boards are suitable for both 50 and 60 Hertz, however we cannot guarantee suitability unless stated. Many PCB's are supplied with programming differences. To our knowledge, none of our electronic packs are suited to any 110v components. If in any doubt as to suitability, please contact us prior to ordering, although we will always email you with any concern we may have, should we feel it may not be suitable in your instance, due to your location/power supply.

Pipe Size - Be aware that Australian pipes have a different wall thickness to that used in the USA. Any internal slip fit parts such as push in eyeballs, or suctions, will not fit USA pipes. However all external diameters are the same, so all pipe fittings and jets, etc will fit USA pipes. 50mm = 2", 40mm = 1.5", 25mm = 1", 20mm = 3/4", 15mm = 1/2". For sizes in metric over 50mm pipe sizes are NOT the same as USA pipe diameters. Additionally Metric sized pipe from Europe / China are not the same size as the pipes used in Australia (despite common sizes in mm being stated, 2" / 50mm and under are actually imperial sizes.

Freight - freight cost shown in the shopping cart is a preset value that represents correct cost for 95% of our international orders. If, however, you order a heavier product, or a quantity of products that causes actual freight cost to vary significantly, we reserve the right to pass on those additional costs. In all cases of freight cost adjustments, we seek your authorisation for additional charges via email prior to processing your order.
In most cases, we are located on the other side of the world, especially from Europe and North America. Please don't expect overnight delivery. We ship parts via the most reliable method - Startrack Air / Australian Air Express couriersl. Insurance is additional - you need to request, on your order or via email, if you'd like your order insured, prior to dispatch. We are not responsible for your goods once they are shipped - request insurance to safeguard your investment if you feel you need to.

Warranty - In the unlikely event of product failure, you will be required to return the faulty product to us at your expense, for warranty assessment. A product deemed defective as a result of manufacturing defect will be replaced and freighted to you at our expense. In some instances, we may accept emailed digital photographs as evidence of the fault and what may have caused it. ( to this date we have not had one case of product failure for exported parts - warranty or not ! )

Please read the other sections of the website relating to freight, and warranty policies, which are also applicable for exported product.