Second Hand Spas

Considering purchasing a second hand spa?

We recommend you do NOT purchase a spa second hand without first considering the below, and purchase only from a spa dealer providing written evidence of electrical and safety compliance, a warranty, and instruction on use/care.
We do not recommend purchasing privately due to the many reasons listed below:

What are the advantages?
1. Price - a second hand spa will normally always be substantially cheaper than an equivalent new spa
2. Availibility - new spas can be hard to come by, especially during the pandemic

What are the disadvantages?
1. You are buying someone else's potential problems - its often impossible to estimate longevity of spa equipment.
2. You will find it difficult to assertain age or spa brand - most spas are not marked with a brand or other identifiers to enable make or age.
3. You won't be able to determine spare parts availability easily - there are thousands of makes and models of components - many are discontinued
4. You won't be able to determine electrical or gas compliance status - often current standards must be adhered to, not the standards when the spa/equipemnt was made.
5. You won't be able to determine if the safety suction/skimmer setup is compliant to todays Standards which is mandatory 
6. You get no manufacturers warranty - it is not transferable
7. You don't know what care has been taken, equipment failure could be imminent
8. Most older spa manufacturers have closed down so it's unlikely you'll get any manufacturer support
9. Most older spas are fitted with pillows/headrests that are no longer available

Other things to know:
1. All portable spas require a lock down thermal hard cover for energy efficiency - you need to allow an additional $600+ for a replacement cover if its missing or damaged.
2. ALL spas require fencing to the same Standards that a swimming pool requires it except NSW and some areas of NT. This fencing has to be certified.
3. In NSW, fencing is not mandatory, but the spa must be fitted with a solid cover that is kept locked with a key/tool and has no gaps of 100mm or more. If the cover locks are damaged or inadequate, these will need to be changed.
4. ALL spas, new or old,  are required to meet the current AS1926.3 mandatory Standard (suction and skimmer safety Standard) regardless of when they were manufactured. This applies to all States of Australia. Most 2nd hand spas will not be compliant and may require significant rectification work for compliance.
5. Throughout Australia, local govermnent certifiers may request proof of compliance with AS1926.3 for which there is no possibility of gaining if the spa manufacturer has closed down or unless you pay thousands for a Hydraulics Engineer to test and certify your spa. A spa technician or any other tradesman is not qualified/insured to provide a certification of compliance unless they can prove testing/compliance to the Standard - specialty equipment is required.
6. Purchasing 2nd hand spas from a reputable spa dealer / repairer should give you relative piece of mind regarding these points as they are familiar with the spa models made over the years and the equipment fitted. They will rectify issues and offer warranties.

What if I've already purchased a second hand spa?

If you've just bought a second hand spa without realising the pitfalls and need assistance with ensuring the spa is safe electrically and hydraulically, we can assist. We have a fully qualified electrical contractor, and deep knowledge on safety requirements for all aspects relating to your spa.

Are we just trying to sell you a new spa?

No! We don't sell spas! 
We want our customers to have the best knowledge available without bias.