Waterway Poly (old style) Gunite Jet Kit - Straight Body

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Waterway Plastics Poly Jet gunite / concrete spa jet

air mixes from venturi at the jet nozzle, rather than back in the jet body.
Allows the use of the full range of older Poly jet internals
Includes USA 2.5" x 200mm long pipe section
AND 1" pipe section
1"S / 1.5"Spg straight water x 1/2"S / 1"Spg air pipe connections

Kit comprises Poly jet body, wall fitting, plaster niche, 200mm x 2.5" pipe section, 1" pipe section.
Only requires jet internal for complete system .
This jet body design may be more installation friendly where jets are to be plumbed in close proximity to one another, where smaller air venturi pipes are desired,, or single air venturi controls per jet, or where freedom of plumbing is to be maximised.
The plumbing to the jets can be directly into the rear of the jet, or from an elbow (45 or 90 ell), or a Tee as required.
Plumbing for water is either 1" or 1.5" compared to the 2" plumbing on 'H' pattern bodies listed above.
Air venturi plumbing is either 1/2" or 1" compared to 1.5" plumbing on 'H' pattern bodies.
May be shown with optional jet internal sold separately (many other internals available - see Waterway Poly Jet internals listed under Jets - Waterway - Poly Jets)

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