Balboa BP21P4BC Spa Control Pack - 3kw

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Balboa BP21P4BC spa pack complete with in line heater

BP2100 series controllers support RTC (real time clock) time of day functions.

minimum 3 jet pumps and blower / 4 jet pumps
maximum 4 jet pumps and blower

1 x 2spd pump with/without circ pump, or 1 spd pump with circ pump,
plus 1 or 2 speed jet pump 2 (or 1 speed blower),
plus 1 speed Jet pump 3,
plus 1 speed jet pump 4,
Blower with 4 pumps only with optional splitter cable (not included),
3kw heater
BWA wifi module/smartphone compatible with separately purchased BWA module.
Use in conjunction with existing TP series topside panels including:
TP800 colour touchpad,
SpaTouch2 colour touchscreen touchpad.

Replacement pack (with separately sold touchpad) for older:
GL8000 swimspa systems with maximum of 4 jet pumps (will need splitter if 4 pumps and blower) - same plumbing and wiring connections
Touchpad hole will need to be modified for all touchpad options.

***IMPORTANT - there are multiple variations of BP2100 spa packs and they are not necessarily cross compatible. Ensure you are purchasing the exact/compatible spa pack. Model variations include: BP2100G0, BP2100G1, NHP2100H, BP21P4BC, Microsilk variations. NO pack suits Microsilk unless specified**

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