Aeware Gecko in.grid - Automated External Spa Heat Source Control

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Gecko Aeware in.grid in.terface module - external spa heat source connector.


in.grid module enables the interconnection of an additional / external heat source to a Gecko Aeware in.y series control system with suited software.
It offers a flexible way to control your desired heating source whether it be the internal electric heater, or a heat pump, gas heater, heat exchanger or solar.
5 modes of operation:
Disabled: electric heater only, when using in.grid to offer single switch touchpad controls only* this mode cannot be accessed remotely via in.touch app.
Internal: electric heater only
External: alternate heat source only***
Both: Simultaneous operation of both internal and external heat sources
Smart: External heat source with internal electric heater boost if greater than 1degree C differential**

* Internal mode would generally only ever be selected if the in.grid module was only being used for its secondary feature of using optional in.k112 touchpads.
** Electric heater will only operate if the set temperature is more than 1 degree C higher than actual temperature to assist/boost initial heating. Once at temperature the external heat source will be solely used unless it cannot maintain temperature within 1 degree C. This mode offers greatest economy/convenience option.
***In External mode, if water temp drops below 4.5 degrees C, the internal electric heater will energise to boost heating to offer Freeze Protection until a minimum 15 degrees C is reached.

The desired mode is fixed at the time of installation but can be changed. it can also be controlled/changed/over-ridden at any time via the optional in.touch2 mobile phone app. This may be convenient if the external heat source is inactive and you wish to select internal electric heater only mode.

The optional touchpad connectors allow individual in.k112 touchpads to operate a variety of desired outputs completely independent of the in.grid heating functions from the AC connectors. They allow up to 4 outputs to be controlled such as pump 1, pump 2, blower and light, and may be suitable on large spas where control of outputs from a particular seat is desired.

The in.grid module is an add-on module that will only function with specific Gecko Aeware spa packs including: and with compatible software.

External heat source interconnection with in.grid must not exceed 24v, 4A usually utilising a 'fireman's switch' on gas heaters or heat pumps.
When used with a heat exchanger / hot water circulator, an external relay will likely need to be used, and again the interconnection cannot exceed 24v, 4A so an external transformer will be required

***The in.grid module is based on in.terface modules of similar/same appearance but with different internal components and function - check the model label to confirm the module type required.

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