Aeware in.yj Spa Control System Complete with in.k200 touchpad & 1.3kw remote heater

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Aeware in.yj-2 spa system - can typically be set up with a 10A circuit.
Aeware's newest controller built on the same platform as the series controllers, however this model uses direct spade terminal connections - making it a very universal pack.
in.k200 touchpads may require hole size modification and are suitable to replace Gecko K-9, Balboa VL200 and Spaquip / Davey SP601, (see the other versions of these kits for alternate touchpads better suited to replace Balboa VL401 and ML700 touchpads etc)
Universal spa control system to suit:
1 x 2 speed pump
1 x 1 speed pump plus blower
1 x 1 speed pump, blower and 24 hr circulation pump
Ozone and LED light also accommodated

1.3kw heater
in-line remote heater 15" long x 2" stainless steel tube, complete with unions.
Utilises 6.4mm spade terminals to connect to equipment - Pump 1, Blower, Ozone, Circ Pump INCLUDED.
All inputs and outputs are wired directly onto the relay spade terminals on the circuit board.
230-240v, 50Hz, 10A - 32A max single phase
Light - 12v AC, 0.5A/6w max (cannot use standard 12w incandescent lamp)
Maximum current draw for all outputs including heater combined is 32A
Maximum current draw of any individual pump is 10A

Perfect replacement for the use in conjunction with a pump to replace older 'all in one hot pumps' as well as the following spa controllers:
Spaquip Pulsar Series &
Spaquip 2095 series with 2 outputs plus light.

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