Spa External Heater Integration Module - Heat Pump or Gas

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External heat source integration module for portable spas
Connect separate gas heaters, heat pumps or other heat sources to the electronic spa control pack to control heating from the spa touchpad.

Suits ALL brands/models of spa control systems from Gecko, Balboa, Davey Spaquip, Hydroquip, etc.

Supports heating only. (for cooling applications please contact us)

Connects to the spa pack heater output terminals.
Connects to the external heat source control circuit.

whoever the spa control system calls for heat, the circulation pump is activated, power is applied to the integration module, which in turn completes the extra low voltage control circuit in the external heat source.

Spa Controller heater output connection - 240v
Heat source control circuit connection 5-24v AC/DC, 5A

Connection requirement in the external heat source varies between type, make and model.
External heat source temperature setting must be set to maximum temperature so that it will function correctly.

Without this module, it's difficult to correctly integrate a heat pump or gas heater to run correctly on a portable spa.

The 240v connection can be pre-fitted with ring or spade terminals to suit multiple brands/models of spa control systems.

Electrician required for installation to the spa control pack

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