AS1926.3 Compliant Spa Skimmer Vent Kit - Mandatory Safety Device

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AS1926.3 Compliant Spa Skimmer Ventilation Kit - it's a mandatory requirement that skimmers on pools and spas are to be ventilated. This device/assembly provides that safety.

304 Stainless steel/graphite vent fitting 

The ONLY spa skimmer vent system legally compliant without using multiple parallel fittings.

Mandatory Australian Standard AS1926.3 requires all skimmers be fitted with atmospheric ventilation with minimal cross sectional surface area of 315mm square which is equivalent to a minimum internal diameter of 20.02mm. There are no common spa fittings that enable this minimal dimension without the need to fit multiple parallel components.
This minimum cross sectional area must be maintained throughout the kit. where barbed fittings are used, often 2 x barbed systems in parallel still do not meet the minimum requirements.

This kit provides a minimum ventilation surface area of approx 365mm square, using just the one assembly.

To correctly install this kit in order to comply with AS1926.3 :
Fit one vent fitting through the side wall (ideally above normal water level),or top of the spa skimmer housing and seal with silicone.
Fit the other vent fitting to the top of the spa shell, or outside the cabinet** with either the vent or the pipe having been positioned above maximum water level. The vent must NOT be installed on the inside of the spa shell including the top lip if it slopes in toward the spa, as maximum water level with an overfilled spa will cover the vent.
The vent is an atmospheric vent so must not be able to draw in anything but air.

The purpose of the vent is to cause air to be drawn into the pump causing cavitation in the event a persons body becomes trapped against the skimer opening to the spa. The cavitation of the pump will break the suction seal of the body allowing a trapped person to become freed.

Ensure the vent assembly remains free of blockages.

304 SS vent fittings - 59mm diameter, requires 45mm diameter hole in the top of the spa and in the skimmer box/enclosure, 1"/25mm socket - straight body 
1m of spa flex supplied in the kit that can be cut short or extended as required. (images show a short section, but 1m is included)
2 x elbow fittings included that don't necessarily need to be utilised depending on the installation.

** If installing the vent fitting to the outside of the cabinet or below the top lip of the spa, understand that in the event of an overfill, the vent will act as a syphon and drain the spa to the height of the vent fitting in the skimmer box, therefore its preferred that the vent be fitted to the top lip of the spa shell. If that is not possible, ensure the skimmer vent fitting is installed as high as possible above normal waterline.

Note that compliance can also be achieved by drilling a hole through the skimmer box housing to atmosphere without any other fittings. In a portable spa, with elevated water level, this will result in water spilling under the spa resulting in potential damage, so is far from desirable and this vent kit is far better suited and highly recommended. For an in-ground spa, ventilation is achieved in the same manner as it is for a swimming pool by drilling a hole through the fixed lid of a skimmer box. The hole must be a minimum of 20.02mm diameter.

304 grade stainless steel fittings are unsuited to salt water applications - for use in fresh water systems only.


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