Opal / Paramount Opal Filter Lid Air Relief Valve

SKU: wc620221

Air bleed valve to suit Waterco Opal and Paramount Opal...


Paramount Opal Filter Lid

SKU: wcaxfi0081

Filter lid to suit Paramount Opal (NOT newer Waterco Opal ) 325mm diameter 310mm inner sleeve diameter with 9mm wide o-ring slot Paired with wc62027 o-ring sold separately Handles sold separately Air bleed s...

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Paramount Opal Filter Lid O-Ring

SKU: wc62027

Paramount Opal filter lid o-ring - new style Paramount Opal only O-ring 290 x 7mm This is a different o-ring to that used on a Waterco Opal filter lid wxaxf10082 which uses a wc620271 o-ring This does not su...


Waterco Opal / Paramount Opal Filter Lid Lock Ring

SKU: wcaxfi0100

Waterco Opal / Paramount Opal filter lid lockring...