Cover Safe Spa Cover Harness Retrofit Kit - 4 Pack

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Cover Safe retrofit spa cover clip / harness assembly kit - 4 Pack
Protect your spa cover against damage from the wind*

If your spa cover has no locks / tie down strap and has a vinyl skirt, you can secure your cover to the spa cabinet using this kit comprising 4 Cover Safe clips.

Avoids the need to sew 25mm webbing to the spa cover for conventional spa cover locks.

Overall length - approx 180mm

*Please note that in all States of Australia except NSW and some areas of NT, a certified pool fence is required.
In NSW the spa cover must be closed and locked when not in use with no gaps exceeding 100mm. Its not permissible to be able to unlock without the use of a tool.
These Cover Safe kits may or may not be deemed compliant for use in NSW without a certified fence for security applications.
If you need this product for security in NSW, you will need to seek certifier approval and may need to secure the clip to the cover flap in a manner it cannot be loosened/removed without a tool.

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