CSN UltraZone UV-C & Ozone Spa Sanitising System

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Best coupled with Xylem E-10 circulation pump listed here set to run 24/7 for ultimate performance.

CSN UltraZone Combination UV-C and Corona Discharge Ozone Spa Sanitising System.
UltraZone combines ozone generation with UV-C sterilisation - the ozone is generated via corona discharge and then injected into the UV chamber.
The UV reacts with the ozone to create a powerful oxidiser inactivating bacteria, burning off unwanted organic matter, resulting in crystal clear, clean water.

Ozone - 50mg/hr
UV-C lamp 254 Nanometers 18w
230v 50/60Hz, 140mA 32w
Water flow rate required: 14 lpm min - 75 lpm max.

Maintenance: Like all UV sterilisers, regular maintenance is required in order to ensure performance.
UV lamp replacement is required every 10,000 hours of operation.
UV quartz tube requires cleaning as necessary.
Check valve should be replaced annually to ensure operation.
CD ozone modules also require replacement periodically. Typically around 20,000 hrs.

UV lamp replacement and tube cleaning is essential to ensure ongoing maximum performance of the unit. UV cannot be effective if the tube is clean/clear as the rays cannot reach the bacteria.
UV lamps break down in output over time. At approx 10,000 hrs of operation, the output becomes insufficient to effectively inactivate bacteria in the passing water, therefore requiring replacement.

Spare parts for the UltraZone include: UV lamp, quartz tube, ballast, ozone module, check valve.

Supplied standard with AMP cord to suit Aeware in.ye series, Ethink KL8800 series and Balboa.
Also available with blank cord or fitted with a 3 pin cat 38 plug.
Other cord types unavailable due to difficulty in changing cords - if an alternate cord/plug is required, an adaptor using a standard extension socket on the original cord will suit a 3 pin cat 38 plug/cord.

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