IPS Weld-On 794 ABS-PVC Transitional Solvent Cement - 1/2 pint/237ml - Green

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IPS weld-on 794 ABS-PVC Transitional solvent cement

Smaller 1/2 pint / 237ml size. 
Complete with brush applicator. 
This glue must be used on all joints between ridgid PVC and ABS.
The special formulation ensures a strong bond between the different mediums being bonded.NB - do not prime ABS prior to gluing - only PVC.

Domestic destinations - ROAD FREIGHT ONLY - do not select airfreight for any order including this product. If you require other parts via air, place 2 separate orders. Orders will automatically be processed as road freight only. Any shipping cost differences credited to your account.

*International Customers - Do NOT order chemical products - we cannot ship internationally and will need to refund your order. This may result in a refund differing the amount paid due to exchange rate fluctuations and fees.

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