LX Air Blower Loop Drainage Valve K1 - 25mm or 1 inch

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Product Description

LX air blower plumbing loop spring loaded Drain Valve. (this is NOT a check valve)
This valve is positioned just prior to the blower at the bottom of a Tee fitting for 'last line of defence' protection against water entry to air blowers.
The Drain Valve is spring loaded and normally OPEN when the pump is not running, thus allowing water that may have entered the pipe to drain out through it, protecting the air blower.
When the air blower is turned on, the valve closes so that all air pressure goes to the spa injectors.

25mm / 1" version - suits any Australian made spas and most imported spas

Australian 25mm pipe ( USA 1" pipe) has an OD of 33.5mm

This drain valve should be installed as the last protective component before the air blower after the loop system. A check valve is still to be used in the air blower loop plumbing to ensure full protection and limit unnecessary leaking if over filled.

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