LX Hydromassage WP150-II spa pump - two speed - 1.5hp

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LX Hydromassage WP150-II high flow two speed spa jet pump

Can replace (without change to plumbing or performance) Waterway Executive and Aquaflo XP2 1.5hp 2 speed pumps.

PLUG & LEAD TYPE - See here to Identify the type required

Pre-fitted with AMP cord to suit Aeware in.ye and Balboa, AMP plug on this pump does NOT suit Spanet and Spaquip controllers.
An alternate cord with overmoulded plug is required at additional cost or re-use original cord.

Supplied with 50mm / 2" unions. 230v, 50Hz,
Low speed 0.5hp,0.35kw, 2A
High speed 1.5hp, 1.1kw, 5A
*If the cable is being replaced please note that high and low speed wire colours used on LX pumps often differ from all other brands. ie LX use black as High speed and brown as Low speed.
Most others are the other way around.
If your pump runs on high speed for filtration and heating, the wiring is in reverse*

2 year parts only warranty on LX pumps

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