LX Whirlpool Hydromassage JA/LP/WP/TDA/EA Series Silicon Carbide Mechanical Seal Assembly

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Premium Silicon Carbide LX Whirlpool Hydromassage JA, LP, WP, EA, TDA series pump mechanical seal assembly 

Suits LX JA35, JA50, LP200, WP300, TDA100, EA450Y etc. 

Also suits: Spaquip QB series pumps and 
Spanet XS series pumps 

Silicon Carbide primary ring / Silicon Carbide seat seal surfaces with Viton elastomers and stainless steel hardware for superior longevity against abrasion, corrosion & chemicals, and dry running - far more resistant to corrosives in the water. 

Silicon Carbide section rubber OD 35.5mm, 
Spring loaded Silicon Carbide section Rubber OD 41.5mm 
Silicon Carbide Seat, Silicon Carbide ring, Viton Elastomer, Stainless Steel hardware

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