Onga Pump Union 200 Series Spa Bath Pump UPPER discharge union with air bleed valve

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Onga 200 series bath pump upper discharge union assembly with built in air bleed valve. 
Suits onga 23*8, 23*1, 23*6, 23*7 series, etc 

The airbleed should only be 'activated' if the pump is not installed perfectly - ie the pump 'air locks' when filling the spa because it's installed too high. 
In this circumstance the top of the air bleed is carefully cut off and a 9mm tube should be attached and run above normal bath water level so that any momentary escape of water on pump start up or entry when bath is filled but not running, is contained.

To 'activate' the air bleed, the top of the air bleed stem needs to be cut off at the indent above the barb. (See image 2) 
If crushed when cutting, this may make the seal surface out of round and prevent a seal forming, resulting in a leak - ensure it is not crushed. Do not cut lower than indicated - the seal is at the top of the barbed section.

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