spatex Auto Off Timer Switch with White electronic button - electronic - 1 x 10A output

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White 1 - 4 button universal touchpad with momentary switch buttons - Can be utilised for 1, 2, 3 or 4 functions (seperate additional sx-AOT - Auto Off Timer control box required for each additional output) 
LED lamp provides positive feedback when button is pressed.

Electronic airswitch alternative 1-4 output

Supplied with stickers to mark button function.

Can be used on in-ground or above ground spas, installed directly into the ground/pavers etc, or acrylic shell.
Resin filled rear of touchpad for water proofing from below.

Touchpad Dimensions
Without bezel 82mm x 42mm x 13mm high - 25mm hole required. (Can self align slip fit 25mm pressure pipe.)
With bezel 90mm x 63mm x 17mm high - 30mm hole required. (silicon touchpad to bezel)
45m / 150' cable length supports extremely long runs

spatex electronic auto off timer control box.
Supplied with terminals for 10, 20 or 30min time off delay function. Select the time required and connect the electronic button to the corresponding terminal.

Wiring connections:
Com - Common / ORANGE wire
10, 20 or 30 - RED wire - Button 1 (select which time off period is desired)

For a second, third and fourth AOT control box the connections are:
Com - ORANGE wire looped from AOT control box 1 to each subsequent AOT control box 
10, 20, 30 - YELLOW wire - Button 2
10, 20, 30 - GREEN wire - Button 3 
10, 20, 30 - BLUE wire - Button 4

Recommended time off delays:
Air blowers - 10 min
Water pumps 20 or 30 min

If using additional outputs/AOT control boxes (sold separately) the common wire needs to link/loop between the Com terminals on each AOT control box.
The 2nd, 3rd and 4th button switch wires connect to each subsequent AOT 10/20/30 min time off terminal as desired.

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