spatex SXHB-410A-1D1 Side Channel Ring Spa Air Blower - 1.3kw - single phase - KIT

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Product Description

spatex commercial grade side channel ring spa blower are available sized to suit most spa installations 

Known as a:
Side Channel Blower 
Ring Blower 
Regenerative Blower


  • Australian electrical test report for commercial & industrial applications
  • Australian electrical certification for residential and domestic spa & swimming pool applications 

The spatex spa blower is approved for use in private homes, residential apartments, hotels, gyms and public spas or pools

Supplied as a kit with:

  • Pre-set pressure relief valve (must not be adjusted)
  • Inlet filter
  • Galvanised plumbing fittings
  • NB images depicting these included components may be of alternate blower models.

1.3kw, 220-240v, 50Hz, 7.3A single phase
Maximum air flow 145 m3/hr
112m3/hr at 0.6m head / 60mBar - ie 600mm water depth (spa seat depth) to lowest point of blower pipework prior to loop above water level
Max 190 mbar operating pressure / 150 mbar vacuum
See performance curves for ratings at differing flow/pressures

3 year residential and 2 year commercial warranty


Make sure you install a correctly tested and certified side channel air blower. 

The pressure relief valve must NOT be adjusted. It is pre-set to protect the air blower. Adjustment may result in blower failure and will not covered by warranty.
The side channel blower must be installed in a ventilated weather/splash/moisure protected location.
Plumbing of the side channel blower must be made in such a way to prevent ingress of water/moisture to the blower.
It must also be plumbed to ensure water is evacuated from the pipe in normal operation. 
Best plumbing practice - 
Plumb a loop 700mm above water level within 1-2m of the spa/pool, after which the pipe can run at any angle to the blower, or  
If thats not possible, plumb above water level as close as possible to the spa/pool and fit a spring loaded 1/4 lb check valve. 
The pipe from the check valve MUST run level/uphill towards the blower. 
There must be no downward dips or dowhill run as water that may get in the pipe will not be able to be pushed out. 
In that instance the blower loses performance and may result in undesired lack of aeration at the injectors, or causes the pressure relief valve to function in order to protect the blower.

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