Sundance spas 50 Disposable Microclean I Filter(part 2 of 2)

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Suits Sundance Spas disposable filter 50 sqft - Suits 2002+ Sundance Spas
130mm H x 200mm OD x 120mm ID Microclean close weave polyspun fibre for ultra fine filtration via circulation pump 24hrs per day.
This filter is NOT washable/cleanable and MUST be disposed of and replaced every 3-4 months with Drain/Refill of your spa.
Only exceptional circumstances would allow a longer life. Replacement is critical to ensure proper filtration, heating , ozonation and circulation pump performance.
Replacement procedure - wait for one week AFTER drain/refill before replacing - this extra week with new water prevents premature clogging of the new filter - the old used one absorbs the impurities from the fresh water supply and is then thrown out.
This prolongs quality filtration.

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