Triflo Spa-Key Spa Bath Pump - 1.5hp

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Triflo Spa-Key 1.5hp multi port dual discharge high flow spa bath pump - jet return via either or both upper pump discharges. Includes air bleed fitting.
4 button water resistant remote control operated - heater can be set for 40, 38, 36 degrees, or off.
Remote control can be wall mounted or kept spaside.
This pump system is perfectly suited where the pump is outside the building and access to the spa for a cable or airtube is not possible. Will operate up to 6m, through walls constructed of timber, brick and plasterboard.
Built in flat plate stainless steel 700w heater element and auto thermostat control
Quiet operation due to optimised water flow and rubber mounting pad.
Suits up to 12+ standard jets.

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