Waterco Portapac Mk1 1.6kw spa heater element

Product Description

DISCONTINUED - no longer available

Repair/Modification is not economically possible

We recommend pump replacement with this kit listed here once stock is exhausted

Suits 10A Waterco Portapac, portapac Elite models - Mk1 - suits pump models 4555100, 100E, 1001E

This element is held in position with 4 small bolts
* If your Portapac is Mk3, the element is held in place with a locknut - do NOT order this element.
You need a wc 636138683
* If your Portapac is a Mk2 the element required is wc 636138681 (this one will not physically fit even though it looks the same
This element has an approx diameter of 115mm and has 1 x electrical spade terminals and 1 x bare cable end.

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