Waterway Gunite Concrete Venturi Spa Jet with Extension Nozzle Kit & 5/16" orifice

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Waterway Plastics straight Gunite Venturi Jet with extension nozzle kit 

Jet body 
1.5" / 40mm sockets / 2" / 50mm spigot inlet 
1.5" / 40mm socket out for water 
3/4" / 20mm socket for air venturi connection.

8mm / 5/16" jet nozzle orifice
Flow rate 38-45 lpm
Extension Nozzle Kit 
15mm (0.5") pipe (not included) to extend to correct length based on depth of jet from spa/pool surface. 
40mm (1.5") pipe (not included) glues into the jet body on both in/out for water. 

Purpose of extension nozzle - the extension nozzle is designed to be easily positioned just back from the jet face. The length of pipe required to achieve this varies with installation depth of the jet body. 
Positioning the nozzle just back from the jet face at approx. 40mm results in superior jet performance and still maintains air venturi action.

Suits any normal push in jet face eyeball fitting - available separately.

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