Waterway Poly Jet Timber Tub Jet Assy - 1.5"S x 1" S

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Waterway Poly Jet Directional Spa jet assy with extended wall fitting / flange for timber and marble applications with wall thickness up to 32mm. 

1.5" / 40mm water x 1" / 25mm air 'H' pattern jet body 
Supplied with 2 x glue in plugs - this jet body is adaptable and can run 1.5" water out both sides 
OR 1/2" water vertically underneath. 
Similarly air can run 1" out both sides or 1/2" air vertically out the top. 
Maximum timber / wall thickness is 32mm (if you have thicker timber staves you will need to hone the timber thickness to suit) Hole size required is 65mm

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