Turbo-Tech CIRC-3 Bridge Control - 10A

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Turbo-Tech Circ-3 variable speed circulation pump Bridge Controller - works with FT3000 Circ-3 variable speed pump ONLY Bridge controller 'control' wire plugs into spa pack Pump 1 2 speed socket. Mains wire plugs into permanent power socket on spa pack. Heater wire connects to spa pack heater terminals. When the spa pack calls the pump to filter, it runs the Circ-3 on low speed. When the spa pack calls the heater on, the Circ-3 ramps up to medium speed. Particularly useful when the heater is an electric heat pump requiring greater flow than low speed offers. When the user turns the pump on to high speed the Circ-3 runs on high speed. All plugs are AMP to suit Balboa or Aeware Spa Packs with that plug type. Other models will need cord / plug changes.

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