LX Flow Type 3.0kw Heater Element 3.0kw

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LX Flow Type replacement 3kw incoloy Heater Element - suits H30-R1, H30-R2, H30-R3 3.0kw, 230v ***This element does NOT suit any other brand or model heater. Definitely does NOT suit any USA heater such as Gecko, Balboa, Aeware, Hydroquip, etc. 6 month warranty. Suits LX heater tubes with 10mm diameter holes for mounting x2. Mounting holes are 25mm apart centre to centre. (these dimensions differ greatly from similar looking USA style elements which have 1/2" (12.5mm) holes spaced 1 1/4" apart (32mm)) Overall heater element length 170mm6.2mm diameter sheath No terminal nuts supplied - these need to be re-used.

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