LX Flow Type 3.0kw Heater - T Type Tee Heater Tube H30-R3

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SPARE PART ONLY - This is not a stand-alone heater.

LX Flow Type replacement 3kw remote Heater Assembly - T Type Tee heater tube.
H30-R3 1.5" / 40mm unions

These heaters are used on many Chinese manufactured spas with Chinese control systems and can be a replacement for 'Rooster' heaters.
Please note - this 'H30-R3' part number is common to at least 5 different versions of this heater and not necessarily compatible.

3.0kw, 230v Main power cable is AMP.
Pressure switch cable is a low voltage control circuit 2 pin cord.

250mm long tube flange-flange, 50mm OD

There are a number of combinations of this heater that differ from the model we stock and this one will NOT replace - please send images for confirmation prior to ordering.

Some versions use pressure switches, others use vacuum switches. Some units use seperate pressure switch wiring, others use integral pressure switch wiring.
This heater uses a pressure switch with seperate wiring - have your electrician verify that this unit is correct for your application
This is not suitable for any application except to replace the same product - this is a replacement part only.

Some LX heaters of this part number have a single power cable (no separate low voltage pressure switch cable)
In those cases your electrician MUST rewire as per information on one of the images or the pressure switch will have no function and an important safety device will not be operable.

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