Turbo-Tech Wave 1.5hp 300lpm variable speed massage pump & touchpad

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Turbo-Tech Wave 1.5hp variable speed massage pump with 3 button touchpad.

Perfect single speed pump replacement - turns your existing single speed system into a super efficient and energy conserving variable speed system .
The Turbo-Tech Wave will start in the incredibily economical low speed mode (approx 110w, 150 lpm) to automate filtration and heating.
The user can manually set the pump (via the touchpad) to run in either the high speed mode (1050w, 300 lpm) or the Wave ramping variable speed massage mode.
Your existing spa control touchpad works in conjunction with the Turbo-Tech Wave 3 button touchpad.
The higher initial purchase price will be quickly recovered due to the incredible energy savings exceeding 80% on a standard equivalent single speed pump.
We highly recommend this pump to replace any single speed pump.
Direct replacement for 1.5hp Aquaflo FMHP single speed pump
Replacement for numerous 1.5hp spa pumps such as Spaquip Magnum & Monster pumps, Onga 200 & 400 series pumps, Waterco Portapac.
If replacing a 1.5hp pump with integrated heating, you may require an alternate pump or separate electronic control/heating system (the Turbo-tech Wave pump has no heating/spa control functionality.)
Advantages :
Up to 90% energy cost savings
High quality USA made pump coupled to Australian developed variable speed motor
Effectively changes your original 1 speed control system into a 2 speed control system with additional Wave function - no need to replace the control system in order to utilise traditional 2 spd pumps.
Almost silent running in low speed whilst filtering and heating.
1.5hp / 1050w rated pump suits spas with 6-10 jets.
110w / 150 lpm low speed, 1050w / 300 lpm high speed
Touchpad dimensions 100mm x 50mm.
Hole size required 63mm x 32mm

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