Davey Spaquip 1.5kw Spa Power 601 Controller & Touchpad 10A

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Spaquip Spa Power 601 
Operates: 1 x 2spd pump or 1 x single speed pump + Auxillary (1 spd pump or 1 spd blower) 1 x variable speed blower (if Auxillary not used) Circulation pump Ozone LED Light 
NB - electrical cords for pump, blower, ozone , etc are sold seperately. 230v, 10A, 1.5kw heater. 
Supplied fitted with 10A power cord. 
These 10A spa controllers have restrictions on pump sizing as below: Maximum single speed pump amerage for 10A is 4A / 1-1.5hp max. Maximum 2 speed pump amerage for 10A is 7A / 2hp max. Maximum pump size for a 2nd pump used in lieu of a single speed air blower with a single speed pump 1, is 6A. 
Single speed pumps rated 1.5hp + or two speed 2.5hp plus cannot be used on a 10A circuit. A dedicated 15+ amp circuit is required.

Programming must be set PRIOR to connection any 2 speed pump.

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