Spaquip Spa Power 800 Controller & OVAL Touchpad - 3.0kw Low Flow Circ System replacement kit

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REPLACEMENT SPA PACK for use with low flow circulation pumps through the heater - ie for use with Xylem ITT Laing Thermotech SM959 / E-10, or other 3/4" barb / tubing heating systems 
Replaces packs such as Gecko SSPA / MSPA with 1" trombone or wrap around heater tubes and 3/4" clear tubing plumbing for which there are currently no alternatives without replumbing 
This retrofit system operates : 
3kw heater 
2 x single speed jet pumps, 
1 x single speed air blower, 
1 x circulation pump 
1 x Spaquip LED light (light included with this kit  - original standard 12v, 12w light will not work with Spa Power 800 controller - use lamp only in most cases) 
1 x Ozone generator 
Depending on load, this pack can be configured from 20A - 32A 
If a Gecko spa pack (or other) associated with a low flow 1" heater tube fails, you need to replace the heater and replumb to this new system to suit. 
The electrical cords for the pumps, etc all require re-wiring (and are included in this pack but not shown in image) and the touchpad requires a larger hole. 
Supplied with this kit: 
1 x Spa Power 800 controller 
1 x Spa Power 800 oval touchpad 
1 x Spa Power colour LED lamp assembly 
2 x 2" x 3/4" barb adaptor 
1 x 2" street elbow 
2m x 3/4" tubing 
2 x 3/4" barb couplings 
6 x spring wire clamps 
2 x 3 core single speed jet pump AMP cords 
3 x 3 core blower, circ pump, ozone cords

15A minimum circuit size with one jet pump AND circ. Larger circuit required for 2 jet pumps (if you have a 2 speed jet pump, this is the incorrect kit to purchase) 
All electrical cords need replacement/rewiring by an electrician - including: Incoming power supply, pumps, blower, ozone - cords supplied 
Touchpad hole will require nlarging to suit. 
Original low flow heater is no longer used. The high flow heater included must be correctly plumbed so that the barb fitting faces up on the discharge side of the heater to ensure no air can trap in the heater tube - those specialty plumbing fittings are included. 
Fittings and tubing to redirect/replumb are included 
Light lamp replacement - in most instances the supplied lamp can be fitted to the existing light housing. If not, the new housing will need to be fitted. 

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