Gemini AquaSwitch twin control system 2 x 10A

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Product Description

Gemini AquaSwitch Twin 10A control system - operate any two loads up to 10A max each, from spa/pool side Gemini button. 

Gemini button incorporates a double rocker switch to control 1-2 output/devices so only one is required.

On/Off function

Electrical low voltage cable from Gemini button to AquaSwitch ensures positive operation every time.

30m cable option available.

2 x Aquaswitch - 10A max single load on each unit. (Must be installed side by side to share the cable from the Gemini button.)
1 x Gemini button - grey
1 x 10m cable

Gemini button - 
66mm diameter
44mm hole diameter required OR slip fit into 40mm pressure pipe class 9

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