Hot Springs Solana Spa Power 600 / 601 Heater Element / Tube Assy - 1.5kw 0r 2.0kw - Replacement Kit - NO replumbing

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The original heater tube fitted to Hot Spring Solana Spa Power 600 series controllers, was 1.5kw and had flanged ends.

Replaced by this version with twin elements - 1.5kw and 2.0kw (only one can be wired to the spa controller), with original flanged end heater tube.
Supplied with new union gaskets. (no union nuts or split ring retainers supplied - must be re-used)

Twin elements - this heater element assembly is normally used with an alternate control system. It is fitted with two separate elements. One is 1.5kw and the other is 2.0kw. Your electrician must ensure the correct element is re-connected. In many cases the 2.0kw element is fine for connection. It is not permissable to connect both elements to the spa control pack as this would overload the circuit board and power supply


*Must re-use original union nuts and split rings (ensure these are intact before ordering) as these are no longer available
If the nuts or retainer rings are damaged, purchase alternate heater assembly sq80061t-hs which requires re-plumbing, or a replacement spa pack/system - call us for options.

 It comes with the inline temerature sensor which is not actually used in Hot Spring Spas which use an 'in-pool' sensor instead.

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